perlite is used as a lightweight aggregate in cultured stone
green house soils use perlite to aerate soils and retain moisture
perlite as a crucible topping in a foundry

Perlite is widely applicable and versatile mineral used in a variety of industrial processes and products.

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—Perlite is used as an aggregate for lightweight, insulating concrete in roof decking, floors, decorative stone, bricks and tiles, tilt-up panels, pottery, cast sculpture, and more.

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—Perlite is non-combustible, with fusion point of 1260 degrees C (2300F) and provides fire insulation on safes, rooms, doors, and chimney linings.

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Horticultural perlite is widely used for roof gardens and planters, hydoponics, seed starting and plant rooting, as a soil conditioner, and to enhance the water-holding and anti-compaction properties of growing soils.

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—Perlite's acoustical properties make it an ideal loose-fill insulation, reducing airborne sound transmission through walls.  Lightweight 8 in. (20 cm) masonry block filled with perlite achieves an STC of 51 which exceeds HUD sound transmission standards. Perlite is also added to plasters, ceiling tiles and walls to enhance sound absorption in these materials.

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—As a lightweight insulator, perlite is incredibly versatile, meeting a variety of insulating  needs—from the super-cooling demands of cryogenics to ambient and low temperature applications up through intense high temperature demands such a foundry cores, molds and even as a crucible topping.

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—In the agrichemical industry, perlite is used as a carrier for pesticides and herbicides, fertilizer bulking, and pelletized seeds.

—Perlite is used in environmental applications to absorb oil, and to control and clean up pollution. It is also blended with soil to filter stormwater runoff, reduce rainwater surge from green roofs, and solify industrial sludge.

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—Beer, wine, juices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oils, acids, sugars, bio diesels, and water (potable, swimming pool, and storm runoff) are all filtered with perlite that has been expanded and crushed to form a maze of microscopic pathways.

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—Perlite serves as a lightweight filler for caulking compounds, paints, plastics, and explosives. When added to soaps, cleansers, polishes, dental compounds and stone wash wheels, perlite adds gentle yet effective abrasive properties to the product.


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