The standard grades and descriptions listed below are general and are not intended as limits. We will gladly process perlite to the spec you require. Get us your requirements (specs, packaging, quantities, other) and we will provide pricing information on processing and shipping— FOB or Freight Collect anywhere in the world.

hess expanded perlite



110E Coarse Horticulture
130E Standard Horticulture  |  130E Grade+Technical Data Sheet
150E Fine Horticulture
190E Masonry Block / Cement  / Horticulture  |  190E Grade+Technical Data Sheet
270E Cryogenic  |  270E Grade+Technical Data Sheet
CF Classifier Fines
BF Baghouse Fines


Paper Bags (4 cubic ft)
Plastic Bags (4 cubic ft)
Tote Bags / Super Sacks (55 cubic ft)
Bulk (shipped via rail car, inter-modal, or ocean container)