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Uses for Expanded Perlite

Directory of Applications and Uses for expanded perlite.

Perlite Use: Filtration Media

Perlite Use: Horticulture and Engineered Soils

Perlite Use: Insulative Applications

Perlite Use: Lightweight Functional Filler

Perlite Use: Lightweight, Insulating Concrete

Perlite Use: Plasters and Textured Coatings

Perlite Use: Waste and Spill Management

Uses for Perlite Ore

Perlite Use: Applications for Crude Perlite Ore

Support and General Perlite Information

Expanded Perlite Grades available from Hess Perlite.

About Perlite: An environmentally safe building material; incredibly versatile and used in a wide range of products and processes in industry.

About Hess Perlite: Hess Perlite is a perlite mining and expansion operation located in the southeast corner of Idaho USA.

Hess Perlite packaged in 8-quart retail bags

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Expanded Perlite packaged in 8-quart, retail-ready bags. Available to purchase as single bags or by the (wholesale) pallet.

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